Looking Back: DIY iPad Stands / 07.01.2011

by Suzanne Ginsburg

The iPad 2 announcement included the new Smart Cover, a magnetic masterpiece that arguably generated more buzz than the device itself. Although I, too, was impressed by the cover, it led me to reflect on some of the DIY cases created for the original iPad. Cork, wire hangers, chip cans, and more were used to create a variety of clever cases. Here are eight of my favorites:

1. Driftwood

The designer made this stand in New Jersey with driftwood from the Oregon coast. You can read more about it in their blog. (Photo courtesy cdevroe)

2. Pencils

With six pencils and rubberstands anyone can create a stand like this one. Read the tutorial here. (Photo courtesy tobidope)

3. Cork

The designer fashioned this stand using two corks, some string, & a couple of screws left over from an IKEA product. The string keeps the iPad from sliding forward along the surface. (Photo courtesy etothez)

4. Wire Hanger

This stand was created with a bright blue wire hanger, inspired by this YouTube video. (Photo courtesy cai~cai~)

5. Cardboard

Two simple pieces of cardboard were used to make this stand. Inspired by the designer’s related project. (Photo courtesy natebeaty)

6. Chip Can

Slice a chip can in half, make an incision in the middle, and you can have an iPad stand! (Photo courtesy twitter_senyou)

7. Robot Toy

This robot’s arms and legs make the perfect stand. (Photo courtesy charmiebeez)

8. Superstructs

This stand was made from the classic children’s toy Stuperstructs. You can see the whole Flickr set here. (Photo courtesy willc2 )

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